Alonso lashes out at midfield rivals, then reins in criticism

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A victim of a chaotic moment in the opening lap of the US Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso was initially livid with his midfield rivals, but the McLaren driver tempered his view after watching a replay of the action.

Congestion and a sense of urgency after the start was a recipe for disaster as those running at the tail-end of the field entered Turn 4 where several cars made contact.

Alonso and Williams' Lance Stroll found themselves fighting for the same patch of tarmac, with terminal consequences for the Spaniard.

Reacting in the heat of the moment after finding his way back to the paddock, the F1 veteran was unimpressed with what he saw and had some harsh words for his rivals running at the rear of the field.

"One, two, three cars try to overtake, it is always the same," he said.

"The starts, people are trying to bump everyone else. It is like a rental car that you have the bumpers and try to crash with everyone. It keeps happening.

"The level is lower. I race in other series, in WEC, and they are very aggressive as well and we have three different categories there, some amateur drivers, and no one crashes into each other. It is another mentality."

However, a few hours later when the dusted had settled, Alonso reined in his criticism of his fellow racers, admitting on social media that his first lap retirement had been the result of unlucky circumstances.

"Disappointing race," he tweeted. "Only 600 meters before getting hit from behind. Watching now the replays not much anyone could do, too many cars together into Turn 4. Just that. Just unlucky today."

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