Horner: Ocon 'lucky to get away' with just a push from Max


Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner believes Esteban Ocon got off when Max Verstappen provoked a heated exchange with the Force India driver after the race.

Verstappen accused Ocon of pitching him into a spin and out of the lead of the Brazilian Grand Prix on lap 44 when the Frenchman's made an ill-fated attempt to unlap himself.

The contact damaged the Red Bull's floor and likely deprived Verstappen of a race win at Interlagos where he ultimately had to settle for second behind race winner Lewis Hamilton.

Horner predictably defended his driver after the post-race spat.

"I think Max has been pretty restrained, it cost him a grand prix victory," Horner told Sky Sports F1.

"He’s driven his heart out with a damaged car – Esteban was lucky to get away with a push to be honest.

"Emotions are running high and I told him to just get yourself under control on the cool down lap,” Horner added.

"He’s lost a victory through no fault of his own today."

Horner admitted he was at a loss to understand why Ocon - in the role of the backmarker - had insisted on going wheel-to-wheel with the race leader.

"The lead car has just lapped the Force India and it’s clear you shouldn’t interfere, as a lapped car, with the leader," he added.

"What on earth Ocon was thinking there, it just beggars belief. Why on earth is he racing the leader?

"He’s a lap down, he doesn’t have the pace and he’s chucked the car up the inside there. It just makes absolutely no sense at all."

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