Are Red Bull's engine problems solved?

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The internet rumor mill is spinning a story this morning claiming that Red Bull Racing may have solved its engine supply issues for next season.

Falling back on the 'unbranded Renault engine' scenario explained here earlier this week, by which Red Bull would effectively continue using the French manufacturer's power albeit in an anonymous guise, it appears this would indeed be the foundation for the Milton Keynes outfit's latest option.

It is well known that former Ilmor engine guru Mario Illien consulted with Renault earlier this year, the manufacturer drawing on the Swiss' vast expertise, at the request of Red Bull, to help its engineers solve its power unit performance and reliability issues.

Illien's independant efforts apparently focused mainly on the engine block but his attention also centered on the unit's ICE and ERS components.

Presently, Renault may have agreed to manufacture and supply Red Bull next year with a unit based on the 12 token upgrade engine set to be introduced in Brazil next week.

But Red Bull would retain the right to supply its own ERS components and develop the ICE without Renault's input or consent based on its own intellectual property.

It's worth noting that Mario Illien took up residency over a year ago now in a new building labeled '9' at Milton Keynes and from which his work and research has been conducted.

In effect, Red Bull's future engine would be co-developped by Red Bull and Renault, with a clear distinction defining each partner's intellectual property feed in.

Should Renault-Nissan agree to the scheme, the unit could be badged Infiniti, or otherwise run unbranded leaving Red Bull - who would solely foot the bill for its engine budget - with the right to credit a different partner.

The scheme would effectively see Red Bull become a de facto engine manufacturer, or at least in part, something it has always stressed in the past as being 'highly improbable'. Apparently, circumstances may have forced its hand...

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