Kubica: Remaining in F1 will be 'a difficult task'


Robert Kubica believes the most difficult part of his sensational comeback will be to remain in F1 beyond the 2019 season.

Thanks to his determination and grit, the 34-year-old Pole has won his first big battle: returning to the grid, eight years after a rally crash left him supposedly lost for the sport.

After extensive testing and fulfilling his development role with Williams in 2018, Kubica has been given a second chance to revive his career as a Grand Prix driver.

But remaining in F1 beyond this season could prove more difficult than coming back, according to the winner of the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix.

"The eight-year break certainly does not help me but I have experience and I am aware that I used to drive at a high level," Kubica said, speaking this week at an event in Warsaw organized by Williams sponsor PKN Orlen, which is backing the Pole's comeback.

"I set realistic goals for myself in the coming months and I am sure I will be able to reach them.

"If I didn’t feel prepared, I wouldn’t work on my F1 comeback. [My goal is] not only to enter F1 [again], but to remain there.

"This is the most difficult task. There were many excellent drivers who left F1 after just one season."


Kubica's massive challenge of racing at the pinnacle of motorsport with a physical limitation - the partial mobility of his right arm - could be made even more difficult if Williams fails to improve after its dismal 2018 season.

"The situation of Williams is not easy," Kubica admitted.

"You need to approach it realistically. I hope that the team drew conclusions and this year’s car will be a lot better.

"It is important to have a good start with good car because it is very difficult to catch up during the season."

Regardless, in his typical combative style, Kubica will pull out all the stops to help his team, and himself.

"I will do my best to give the best possible feedback. I hope that the team returns to where it belongs.

"I want to do my job in the best possible way. I want to show that after eight years away from the sport I can be fast. But you need a fast car, it makes the task easier.

"There are always some unpredictable races due to conditions etc… and in these cases you can show something more. But you need a car which is nice to drive.

"My goal is to do a good job and to stay in F1 for longer. And my dream is to be happy with my work."

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