Verstappen livid after qualifying run thwarted by rivals' tactics

ยฉ XPB 

Max Verstappen is adamant a spot on the second row of the Chinese Grand Prix grid would have been in order had his final qualifying effort not been thwarted by several rivals' dubious tactics.

Verstappen was gearing up for a flyer, leading a formation of cars jockeying for position, when he was suddenly overtaken by Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari and both Renault drivers.

The maneuver left the Red Bull driver with no space and dirty air for his final effort, but also very angry as there was no time left for a second attempt.

"They are such wankers honestly," Verstappen quipped on the Red Bull team radio.

"Everybody just lining up and they are just f*****g it up. Youโ€™re just trying to be nice but everybodyโ€™s just f*****g it up."

"I was just trying to follow the Ferrari in front of me, and just trying to be nice," Verstappen later told Sky F1 when all was said and done.

"I could also have overtaken him but it's just not what you do in qualifying. This time it caught me out, so I'm not happy about that but it will swing around and come back to others as well sometime.

"It's annoying because we could have fought for third today, now we'll just have to do some more overtaking."

Without the screw-up, Verstappen insists he would have had a shot at third, a result that would not have come as a surprise as far as the 21-year-old was concerned.

"Not even expecting it because it was there, we were fighting for third," he said.

"Of course when you can't finish your last lap then that's how it is. You know that the guys who are doing a lap have a chance of overtaking you.

"We could've done better, but if you can't do a second run, it stops there.

"The car felt good. In terms of pace we're there, it'll be an interesting Sunday."

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