Richards not interested in F1 role

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Former BAR and Benetton team principal David Richards has said he is not interested in taking on an active role in Formula 1.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Richards addressed the recent departure from the sport of Manor bosses John Booth and Graham Lowden, and rumors that he was viewed as a potential candidate for a managerial role at either Manor or Force India.

But the Prodrive boss was quick to crush the gossip.

"I've done my stint in Formula 1," Richards said. "I don't rule out being involved in one form or the other but when you look at the number of races next year, you look at the commitment you have to make in terms of the travelling...

"I always describe F1 as turning the clock back to the Crusades, and it's as if you went off on your horse in January or February and you came back in December. You've been out on a crusade during all that period of time, and then come back to the wife and kids. That's what it's like.

"But that's the only way to do it if you want to be successful. It's an all embracing activity."

As the former chairman of Aston Martin, Richards remains a shareholder of the iconic brand which is currently finalizing a deal to return to F1 after a 55-year absence with Force India.

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