Ricciardo: Monaco GP cancellation is one that 'hurts'

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Renault F1 Team
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For Daniel Ricciardo, the reality of F1's race cancellations are starting to set in, and the Renault driver is particularly sad to see Monaco scrapped from the calendar.

The global coronavirus pandemic has hit Formula 1 hard, with the sport's chiefs forced to cancel the first eight races of the 2020 world championship.

For Ricciardo, the permanent cancellations of his home race in Melbourne and of Monaco, where the Aussie resides during the F1 season, represent a particularly painful gut punch.

"I'm not like racing laps in my head yet, because I don't know what track we're going to be racing on," said the 2018 Monaco GP winner during a Q&A on Renault's Instagram account on Wednesday.

"I watched an onboard of Monaco last night and got a bit sad. I don't really know where we're going to be. That one hurt me.

"They're all going to hurt, for sure, Melbourne being so close as well. The reality is setting in, unfortunately."

With the worldwide COVID-19 situation in flux, and sporting events still being cancelled on a daily basis, it's anybody's guess when Grand Prix racing's schedule will resume.

But when the dust settles and drivers head out onto the first grid of the year, Riccardo is predicting a chaotic first corner, wherever that will happen to be.

"It's gonna get real," he said. "I'm thinking of qualifying last, because I think Turn 1 is just going to be mayhem.

"I'll just watch it all unfold, and then I'll lead the first lap. I'll put it on pole and voluntarily start last!"

Ricciardo is waiting for the world's return to normalcy on the family farm in Perth, a home well stocked up on everything he needs, including a big inventory of… toilet paper, just in case.

"We’ve got a good stock here at the farm, and there’s plenty of napkins and paper towels as well, so we’re all good," he reassured his fans.

"There’s also a swimming pool, so worst case…"

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