Verstappen aiming for a podium in 2016

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Toro Rosso junior Max Verstappen, who concluded one of the most impressive rookie years in Formula 1, stated that his ambition in 2016 is to reach the podium and score as many points as possible.

Young Max hopes Toro Rosso's switch from Renault to Ferrari power will help him fulfill his targets, while his massive talent coupled with a year of experience under his belt should indeed elevate the Dutchman's performance level another notch.

"Yeah, 100 points. You have to aim high, right?" Verstappen told Dutch TV channel NOS.

Should he succeed in clinching a podium finish next season, Verstappen would become by far the youngest driver in the history of F1 to achieve such a feat.

Current record holder Sebastian Vettel was 21 when he scored his first podium finish, which also happened to be his maiden Grand Prix victory, In Italy in 2008.

"For third place you would need a good engine," Verstappen concluded. "First or second place I think is too much for now -- you also have to be realistic."

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