Hamilton spent washed-out day watching old onboard videos


Lewis Hamilton took advantage of Friday's washed-out day at the Eifel GP to conduct a bit of research, the Mercedes driver watching old onboard videos of wet races at the Nürburgring.

Formula 1 was forced to call off Friday's opening day of running at the Ring when weather conditions prevented the medical helicopter from taking flight.

Drivers were therefore left with a leisurely day off, but Hamilton used part of the spare time to gain or revive his knowledge of racing in the wet at the Nürburgring.

"I’ve got Roscoe [his dog] here with me, so a bit of messing around with him, but otherwise I’ve been looking at onboard footage of other years we’ve been here in the rain," said the six-time world champion.

Hamilton's research may well pay dividends on Sunday given the high probability of another rain front moving in over the Eifel mountains.

The Briton wasn't fixated on missing a day of running but rather excited by the potential unpredictability that the lack of track time might deliver.

"Definitely, especially if it stays like this," he said. "Hopefully clearer skies, but you know what I mean, wet. It definitely makes it a serious challenge with less practice, so I look forward to that.

"It’s definitely a bit frustrating to miss out on days like this, but we probably wouldn’t have got a huge amount of running in because we’re limited on tyres, if it’s going to stay like this for the weekend.

"I would have loved to [go out], even an install lap. But given the helicopter we’ve been grounded. But everyone is in the same boat."

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