Team bosses to seek indulgence from race stewards to help overtaking

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Following this week's F1 Strategy and F1 Commission discussions which were held in Geneva, it has emerged that the topic of enhancing overtaking was put under review, with team bosses suggesting that F1 race stewards should be more indulgent towards drivers when it comes to penalties in order to encourage more intense battles.

Formula 1 drivers currently race with a sword of Damocles hanging over their head, as any on-track close encounter with a rival, mainly during overtaking maneuvers, may be potentially sanctioned by a time penalty or drive-through punishment as well as penalty points being added to a driver's racing licence.

F1 team bosses believe that drivers often feel deterred to engage or insist in wheel-to-wheel battles for fear of finding themselves on the receiving end of a penalty or punishment.

Consequently, with the aim of encouraging closer racing and alleviating fears of punishment, race stewards shall be asked to adopt a less severe approach when investigating and judging a driver's actions.

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