F1 to introduce fan votes and driver awards

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In an effort to promote Formula 1 via its social media fan base, fans will be asked to vote after each Grand Prix for the 'driver of the day' and the 'best overtaking move'.

In addition to the crucial power unit cost cap decisions which were reached in Geneva this week, F1's Strategy Group and Commission also submitted ideas on how to improve and uplift the sport's overall popularity.

It is believed that one idea which may be pursued and introduced as early as next year is the concept by which fans would vote on a specific driver performance or achievement, with a subsequent trophy to be awarded to the chosen recipient.

Fans would vote on two potential awards: one for best driver performance, and one for the best overtaking move.

The idea is still in an early stage and details on how the voting process would work have yet to be determined.

The concept of an end-of-season pitstop trophy, awarded to the fastest team on the pitlane, is also being contemplated.

Subsequent awards and trophies would obviously bear the name of a any Formula 1 sponsor or partner.

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