One final look at last year’s F1 cockpits

After one season of good and loyal service, 2015 F1 challengers were disassembled, dissected and stored in kits at teams’ factories. Before they are definitely retired – there is still a two-day wet tyre test scheduled at Paul Ricard next week – F1i technical expert Nicolas Carpentiers has a quick final look at some of last year’s cockpits.


1 – McLAREN MP4-30

With more and more buttons, dials, and switches (differential settings, brake balance, engine and ERS use, etc.) featuring on the steering wheels, F1 cockpits now tend to exude a feeling of emptiness. Still, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button’s McLaren offices do have controlling devices on the side, including a plug that allows the FIA to download (via the red button) all in-car data and software. One can also notice a switch to adjust the volume of radio communications. Perhaps Alonso turned this one up a notch before shouting “GP2 engine, GP2 engine! Argh!” at Suzuka…