Giovinazzi facing 'clear' targets set by Ferrari for 2021

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Alfa Romeo Racing's Antonio Giovinazzi heads into his third season with the Swiss outfit with "clear" targets set by his benefactor Ferrari.

The 27-year-old Scuderia protégé endured a difficult campaign last year, with Alfa struggling for pace for the better part of the 2020 season.

However, Giovinazzi's performance was on average on a par with that of his experienced teammate Kimi Raikkonen, a fact that validated the Italian's continued progress.

But another step forward will be required this year by Giovinazzi, and Ferrari has set "clear" targets for the latter.

"For Ferrari it's quite clear - they want that I continue to progress [as] a driver and to get the results," Giovinazzi told

"This is quite clear also from my side, so it's my target for next season.


"And from the other side I want to just again work really well with the team like we worked in together in these last two seasons, and for me I feel like family already [here] because it will be my third season.

"It's nice to work again together, and with Kimi as well. Like this it would be just more easy to progress [as] a driver as well."

Giovinazzi says that his progress in 2021 and the opportunity to score points will inevitably depend on Alfa's own ability to field a more competitive car.

"Hopefully we have a better car and [it] be more easy to be in the points", he said. "Hopefully we can have a big improvement in terms of performance. And then also in terms of results.

"I think for the team, when you are there in the back, it's not easy. I always try to push my guys, the team, to do always well.

"I think in the end we did quite well - I always see the guys quite motivated.

"Of course when you score points, it's always in the next race you feel that the motivation is much higher, but I cannot complain with my guys, with my team, because they always push quite hard and it's nice to see in this difficult season."

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