Hamilton says 'unusual period in life' prompted one-year deal


Lewis Hamilton says the current "unusual" state of the world coupled with his outstanding achievements in F1 prompted him to settle for a one-year deal with Mercedes.

Hamilton's contract dealings with Mercedes were a never-ending saga last year that extended into 2021 until both parties finally agreed on the terms of a new deal.

While the seven-time world champion's presence on the grid this year with the Brackley squad was never really in doubt, the Briton's single-year contract did come as a surprise.

In the presentation on Tuesday of Mercedes' new 2021 car, Hamilton elaborated on his thinking behind the one-year contract.

"Firstly, I'm kind of in a fortunate position where I've achieved most of the stuff that I've wanted to achieve up to this point," Hamilton said.

"So there's no real need necessarily to plan too far ahead in the future. I think we live in quite an unusual period of time in life, and I just wanted one year.

"Then we can talk about if we do more, and keep adding it if we have to."

Hamilton's new deal includes a partnership with Mercedes for the creation of a new foundation "dedicated to diversity and inclusion", an initiative that will allow the 35-year-old to capitalize on the fight for equality and more diversity in motorsport which he instated at the start of last season.

Hamilton says his off-track activism will be "a main priority in 2021 - in the past it was just about winning championships".

"Last year there was a lot of discussion about equality and inclusion, and I think there was a lot of talk," he says. "This year is all about pushing for diversity, and really making sure that action is taken.

"That is at the core of the drive for me, but of course we exist to win, and that is what all these guys and girls here and working towards, so that is my goal, to deliver that for them."

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