Domenicali suggests football follow F1's budget cap lead

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F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says top European football clubs, which were in the headlines last week following their failed Super League plans, could take away a few financial lessons from Formula 1.

Grand Prix racing has twice endured in its history a threat of a breakaway series from some of its members.

The most recent political clash unfolded in 2009, when the then Formula One Teams Association and its seven constituents - Ferrari, BMW Sauber, Toyota, Renault, Brawn GP, Red Bull and Toro Rosso – announced their intention to withdraw from the 2010 F1 World Championship  following a dispute over the following year's regulations and a proposed plan for... a budget cap!

Eventually, all interested parties came to the table and to their senses and the threat of a breakaway series was nipped in the bud by a new Concorde Agreement.

Speaking in an interview with Italy's Sky TG24, Domenicali drew a parallel between European football's current state of affairs and F1's introduction this year of its all-important budget cap.

"In Formula 1, we have already had a situation twice in which there was the risk of a fracture, to try to have another championship that would bring home more results and income," explained Domenicali.

"Formula 1 is now starting with the opposite approach. We are trying to control costs. It is no coincidence that this year is the first year of the budget cap, which gives a different dimension of financial sustainability to the teams.

"The world of football, if I can say it, must tackle this same issue and in a fairly rapid way. It’s important to balance different interests."

Looking to the future, Domenicali underscored how F1's technology plans centered around hybrid power units and the use of biofuels will embrace sustainability and crucially uphold the interest of manufacturers.

"We will be a hybrid Formula 1, and we will have eco-sustainable fuel," he added.

"There are already many activities like this that cut across society, and this gives F1 the opportunity to be a protagonist."

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