McLaren's Brown mourns the passing of 'a titan of our sport'


McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown paid a heartfelt tribute to long-standing McLaren shareholder and partner Mansour Ojjeh.

Just hours head of McLaren's 886th Grand Prix, Brown highlighted the massive contribution to the Woking-based outfit's legacy of a man who was "a true racer" who always put sport first.

"The passing of Mansour Ojjeh has devastated everyone at McLaren Racing," said Brown ina statement released on Sunday.

"Mansour has been etched into the heart and soul of this team for nearly 40 years and was intrinsic to its success. He was a true racer in every sense.

"Ultra-competitive, determined, passionate and, above all, perhaps his defining characteristic: sporting. No matter the intensity of the battle, Mansour always put sport first.

"Mansour was a titan of our sport, yet modest, unassuming and disarming to all he encountered. His easy manner, sharp wit and warm humour touched all those who were fortunate to know him."

Although he had reduced his presence trackside with McLaren in the past years, Ojjeh's passion still drew him into the team's garage on occasion.

"His love of this team was palpable for all to see and those of us privileged to work for McLaren will remember Mansour as an impressive yet humble, human, father-figure who showed us at the most individual, personal level how to fight adversity and be resilient.

"He will remain in death what he was in life: a constant inspiration to all of us at McLaren and beyond. Mansour’s legacy is secure. It is woven into this team and perpetual.

"We race on as he would wish, our resolve stronger than ever, with his memory and legacy forever in our hearts and minds."

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