Pirelli to test 'robust' new-spec rear tyres next week

Pirelli show tyres. 17.06.2021. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 7, French Grand Prix, Paul Ricard
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Formula 1's exclusive tyre provider Pirelli has announced that it will be testing a new specification of rear tyre compounds next week at the Red Bull Ring.

The move is a response to the dramatic tyre failures suffered by Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix earlier this month. Both drivers retired from the race after issues with the left-rear C3 compound tyres.

Pirelli said that it would be testing a new rear construction of tyre in free practice at the Austrian Grand Prix on Friday 2 July to evaluate its effectiveness to further improve robustness of its tyres.

Each driver will have two sets of these new tyres available for use during either of the two free practice sessions.

If the test is successful, the new rear specification will be introduced from the British Grand Prix onwards, replacing the current specification.

Silverstone is one of the most demanding tracks on the calendar for tyre use. The C3 compound has been put forward as the soft tyre for that round.

"This decision has been taken in addition to the recently issued technical directive and the latest starting parameters prescribed by Pirelli," the statement from the tyre manufacturer explained.

It added that the initiative in agreement with the FIA, Formula 1 and teams, was "in light of the fact that it is not currently possible to monitor running conditions in real time.

"This will remain the case until next year, when standard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors will be introduced across all teams.

Pirelli said that the new rear construction incorporates elements that have been developed for use in the latest 18-inch Formula 1 tyres that will be introduced next season.

"With this new structure Pirelli provides a tyre that can guarantee even greater levels of integrity under the extreme conditions that can be generated by the current cars."

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