Perez brings 'different perspective' to Red Bull – Newey


Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey says that Sergio Perez's vast experience garnered from other F1 teams has brought a "different perspective" to Red Bull.

Earlier this year, Perez became the first driver outside of Red Bull's junior program to race for the championship winning team since David Coulthard and Mark Webber.

Circumstances and Alex Albon's disappointing results dictated the Milton Keynes-based outfit's decision to sign up Perez, who won his first race with the team in Baku back in June.

But Newey says the seasoned Mexican racer - who competed with Sauber and McLaren before he undertook a seven-year stint with Force India/Racing Point - has brought a particular perspective to the team.

"I think that one of the fascinating bits of the sport is trying to factor in the human input into what is otherwise a data driven exercise," explained Newey on the latest Talking Bull podcast.

"So yes, their comments are very important and having Sergio join us this year with his experience from other teams is also very useful.

"It is not since we had Mark and DC that we have had drivers that have not come through the Red Bull driver programme, so having experience from other teams just gives a different perspective and input to what we had from the other guys."

One of the most frequent criticisms leveled at modern day Formula 1 is the preponderance of technology, with many often suggesting that Grand Prix racing is now an engineer rather than a driver's sport.

But Newey insists that despite the overwhelming amount of data collected by engineers, a driver's feedback still retains all its value.

"The fact is that from the data we measure on the car, from the hundreds of sensors we have on aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, etcetera, they kind of tell you what the car is doing," said F1's most successful designer.

"But it is the driver who is much better at telling you why it is doing it. It is then a matter of trying to marry the driver’s comments to the sensors."

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