Horner sides with Vettel on F1 concerns

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Red Bull racing team principal Christian Horner has backed Sebastian Vettel following the German driver's claims that Formula 1 had become too complex.

During a Q&A which was published on his website, Vettel expressed his concerns about the overwhelming importance of engineering in F1, believing that the complexity of the current regulations make it difficult for fans to relate to the cars and detracts from the battle between the drivers.

Speaking at Red Bull's launch yesterday, Horner said he could not agree more with his former driver's assessment.

"I read Sebastian’s comments and I thought he was absolutely right and I could see that F1 needs to be more about the drivers and the drivers needs to be a bigger differential within the whole package.

" I think we have got a great opportunity to address that for 2017. The mandate was clear to make cars five or six seconds a lap quicker, much harder to drive, more spectacular and sort the men from the boys.

"I sincerely hope that by the end of this month we manage to agree upon regulations that achieve that."

Horner believes willpower exits among all parties involved to affect change and steer Grand Prix racing into a new long-lasting future.

But he also underlined the fact that change lay firmly in the decisive hands of the sport's governing body and Eccelstone's FOM.

"I think there is a determination within the FIA to see change. What you don’t want to see is consensus and compromise which was what happened with the engines.

"We started with a four cylinder engine which was going to have an electrical bit but we compromised to a V6 with less of an electrical input.

"I think this is where we need strong governance and clarity from the commercial rights holder and the governing body to say these are the regulations we want to address the sporting spectacle moving on from 2017.

"Between the teams you are never going to sort that because there is too much self-interest at stake."

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