The missing Verstappen onboard footage everybody wanted to see


Formula 1 has released the forward-facing onboard footage from Max Verstappen's car of the Red Bull driver's controversial skirmish with Lewis Hamilton in last weekend's Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Hamilton barreled down towards Interlagos' Turn 4 and veered off the track in the middle of the corner, but onboard footage of the dodgy moment from Verstappen's vantage point wasn't immediately available for fans, or for the FIA stewards, to see.

Verstappen is challenged by his Mercedes rival as the pair enter the Turn 4 braking zone. Hamilton moves slightly ahead before the Red Bull charger draws level and turns into the corner.

However, the Dutchman clearly widens his angle of attack upon entry, missing the corner's apex in the process, and drifts wide into the run-off area โ€“ along with Hamilton - before rejoining the track ahead of the Mercedes driver.

It was a marginal move by the Red Bull driver in the eyes of many, and which would have resulted in another costly crash between F1's two protagonists had Hamilton not swiftly reacted and steered away from his rival.

But ultimately, the stewards opted not to further investigate the incident, letting Verstappen off the hood. The decision was criticized by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, while it was predictably applauded by his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner who said the tussle was just a case of "hard racing".

However, Mercedes could exercise its right to have the stewards revisit the Turn 4 moment based on the new evidence provided by the video.

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