Alonso: Age 'honestly an advantage' thanks to experience

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Fernando Alonso says his status as Formula 1's oldest driver comes with a wealth of experience that gives him an edge over his rivals in some areas.

Alonso has inherited the title of F1's senior citizen following the retirement from the sport of Kimi Raikkonen.

But the two-time world champion who will turn 41 next summer feels physically in perfect shape as he demonstrated last season upon his return to F1 with Alpine after a two-year hiatus.

However, while still feeling strong, Alonso says the main benefit of his age is his experience, the Spaniard citing as an example his extensive knowledge of F1's new low-profile tyres gained during his stint with Toyota in the World Endurance Championship.

"On the age, I feel good, honestly I feel an advantage," he said, quoted by

"When I come to a circuit, I know the circuits. Now everyone is testing this 18-inch tyre, and I know very well these tyres from the WEC.

"There is exactly the same behaviour on the tyres, and the same way you have to drive the tyre, which is very different.

"So all the things that I am facing, for other people are live for the first time, and for me it's a second or third time. So this is good."

This year, drivers are set to embark on a record 23-race season, a heavy schedule that isn't without its physical and psychological challenges.

Alonso admits that sustaining one's motivation from the beginning to the end of a grueling campaign doesn't get easier with the years.

"The only problem to be older is that you have to have the motivation to go into a season that you will be 300 days per year away," he said.

"You have to have that desire, you have to have that lifestyle that allows you to dedicate yourself to this sport.

"Apart from that, all the other things are advantages. So because I'm in a moment in life that I want to dedicate my moment in time to F1, it’s fantastic. I think I only see advantages.

"And then, physically, I think the cars of today are not very demanding. I think 2004-05, maybe the age was a limitation."

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