FIA confirms scrapping of F1's Q2 tyre rule for 2022

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The FIA has confirmed that this year's F1 sporting regulations no longer feature the rule that required the top ten drivers in qualifying to start their race on their fastest Q2 tyre compound.

The rule had been present in Formula 1's sporting code since 2014 and was intended to instill some jeopardy into qualifying by encouraging some drivers to opt for a harder compound in Q2 in a bid to start their race potentially among the top ten with a different and better strategy.

However, over the years, the rule rarely led to strategy variation among F1's top teams.

Thus, the rule stating that "at the start of the race each car which qualified for Q3 must be fitted with the tyres with which the driver set his fastest time during Q2" has been abandoned.

From now on, all drivers making it into Q3 will have – like the remainder of the field – a free choice of rubber for the start of the race, as was the case last year during those F1 race weekends that featured a sprint qualifying trial.

As a reminder, as part of Formula 1's significant regulation overhaul, the sport has introduced new 18-inch tyres for which Pirelli – F1's exclusive supplier – has produced a new array of tyres and compounds.

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