Ricciardo hopes 'next generation' will experience special Monaco

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Daniel Ricciardo says the Monaco Grand Prix is among the "core" venues that must remain on F1's calendar, for the current generation of drivers to enjoy but also for the benefit of the sport's future generation of racers.

Formula 1's ongoing global expansion means the sport is fast approaching its limit of 24 races a year that it is allowed to hold according to the current Concorde Agreement, the all-important covenant that binds the teams to commercial rights holder Liberty Media and to the FIA.

But as new venues find their way on the calendar, older events are at risk of being dropped. Such is the case for Monaco whose timeless glamour has survived the test of time, even despite the anachronism of its track which many believe has long been unsuited for modern F1.

McLaren boss Zak Brown recently suggested that the Principality "needs to come up to the same commercial terms as other grands prix" if it is to remain on F1's schedule.

Ricciardo is all in favour of F1 visiting new countries of venues, but the Aussie, a former winner of the Monaco Grand Prix, says the race's historical status must be protected.

"Monaco is special," said the McLaren driver at Imola. "I think the thing is, I love the addition of some of these new circuits, new cities that we’re going to.

"I’m all for it, because it’s also like new experiences and engaging another audiences which is fun, and it keeps the sport growing.

"There are those core F1 venues and circuits such as Monaco. It’s a special weekend.

"For sure, like the race, it’s one of the most tricky circuits to overtake so, you know, I’m not sure it provides like the ultimate viewing experience on a Sunday but the weekend experience and just everything that is Monaco is special and unique.

"Winning it or not, I think going there as an F1 driver and having that and experiencing all the emotions that go with competing in Monaco, it’s unique.

"I’m very, very happy to have that, and have experienced that in my career. I guess I would wish, you know, call it the next generation to also experience that because it is special."

Speaking alongside Riccardo at Imola, seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton chimed in on the topic.

"It's one of the crown jewels of our sports," said the Mercedes driver. "I'm not really sure that it would be great to lose it.

"There are good bits and I guess the difficult part is that the racing itself is not spectacular, but those that go enjoy it, it is a prime location."

Brown suggested that Monaco could tweak its layout to improve the racing on its streets. But Hamilton logically pointed to the Principality's geographical limitations that restrict such a plan.

"Adjusting the track is not easy because it's the second smallest country in the world. We don't have a lot of space there," he said.

"Many of us live in Monaco but it is just that icon status that it has, the history that it has, that is so appealing to drivers, but I think to those that are watching too."

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