Alonso expected post-race 'weaving' penalty for Leclerc

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Fernando Alonso expected to inherit P4 in the final standings of the British GP on the assumption that Charles Leclerc would be penalized by the stewards for weaving.

Alonso was hopeful of a post-race promotion to fourth based on his own Canadian Grand Prix precedent, when the Alpine driver was hit was five-second time penalty for making more than one direction change while defending his position from Alfa's Valtteri Bottas.

Having witnessed from behind Leclerc's defensive driving against Lewis Hamilton in the closing stages of the race at Silverstone, Alonso felt confident in the immediate aftermath of the race that he would be elevated in the standings.

"I have to say I guess it’s going to be P4 because I saw Charles moving, three changes of direction on the back straight, defending from Lewis," said Alonso after the race.

"I did it once in Canada and I had five seconds on the last lap. I guess three movements are not allowed?"

The Spaniard even speculated that third position could be in order, hinting that the stewards likely frowned upon Sergio Perez putting all four wheels off the track while overtaking Leclerc during the race's frantic finale.

"After the race, there is always action," Alonso said. "I guess I’m not in the stewards [investigations], so I will have fun from the outside I hope."

However, at the end of the day, the stewards gave both Leclerc and Perez a free pass. But the decision took nothing away from a thoroughly fun afternoon of racing for Alonso.

"It was really fun at the end," he said. "And obviously we were not in the fight, but we were just behind, and saw all the action in front.

"We were P5 so I was hoping two cars maybe they touch each other, and the podium was there for us. But in the end, they raced very hard, but with a lot of respect. So still fun to watch from behind.

Alonso felt that Alpine had enjoyed a strong performance level at Silverstone, as beating McLaren's Lando Norris to the checkered flag demonstrated.

"I think the car was very good today," he said. "Let's say compared to any other race I felt more competitive than ever today. We were on the pace of Lando.

"Maybe Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes we know they are untouchable at the moment, but I think we were quite ahead of some of the midfield cars.

"So definitely it was a step forward. And Silverstone I know that maybe for McLaren it was one of the best circuits, and I think we were matching their pace.

"So I expect the next couple of weekends to be quite strong for us."

Finally, the Asturian was obviously delighted to see his former protégé Carlos Sainz snatch his first win in F1.

"Very happy for him, obviously pole position yesterday and race win today, here in Silverstone one of the best places of the championship," he commented.

"It will be a day to remember for all his life.

"So I am very happy for Carlos and Carlos's father, who is a very good friend of mine, more than 30 years that we've known each other.

"So a day he will not forget, and hopefully the first of many."

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