Hamilton: Chasing from behind 'a thousand times more enjoyable'

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Lewis Hamilton was left with a big task on his hands in the Italian Grand Prix, but the Mercedes driver admits that chasing from behind in a race can be "a thousand times more enjoyable" than running at the front.

At Monza, an engine related grid penalty had sent Hamilton to the back of the grid from where he progressively but cautiously moved up the order stabilizing his position among the top six by the half-way mark, ultimately concluding his afternoon P5.

Overall, it was a predictable result for the Briton, but one that left him quite satisfied at the end of the day.

"It's a thousand times more enjoyable, battling with people," he said.

"When I started my first go-kart was like an old kart, it was all bent and buckled, and we always had to start at the back, with old tyres. And that's what I've always enjoyed doing.

"And so starting today, just having those battles is way more fun than starting first and pulling away. It's a different challenge. But I much prefer the battling with people.

"When you when you win it's something completely different, and you feel proud for everybody. I love the idea of moving forward. So today I felt like I climbed up a ladder. Progress is a good thing."

Hamilton's only frustration in the race was his inability to challenge Ferrari's Carlos Sainz for fourth due to the event's late safety car.

"The soft [tyre] was starting to fall off a little bit, and I think they stopped so they had new tyres, so I probably wouldn't have been able to get past him," he said.

"But still, I really enjoyed the battle with everyone, slowly working away with this car. It was definitely a challenge from the beginning.

"Naturally just as a racer, you just want more time, I wanted to be able to challenge the Ferrari ahead of me and see if I could get another position.

"But I think in hindsight it was probably a good ending. I'm just really grateful to have come back from the last row."

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