Andrew Green steps away from F1 role at Aston Martin

Andrew Green (GBR) Aston Martin F1 Team Technical Director. 21.05.2022. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 6, Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain, Qualifying Day.
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Aston Martin F1's long-time technical chief Andrew Green is moving away from the racing side of the team's operations in favour of a role overseeing the company’s technology business.

Green had been technical director for the team's previous incarnations Force India and Racing Point, and had been serving in the same capacity in the last two years at Aston Martin.

But the team revealed this week that Green would be working in a less hands-on capacity with the team in 2023. Former Red Bull chief aerodynamicist Dan Fallows formally assumes the role of technical director leading the design office.

Green will now become chief technical officer for Aston Martin Performance Technologies, helping to expand and diversify the Group’s broader commercial activities.

“The organisation is growing, and we needed someone with a large technical expertise to oversee the projects that we want to do,” explained Aston Martin F1 team principal Mike Krack at Monday's launch event for the 2023 season.

“It was a logical choice. I think from that point of view, I think we were fortunate to have someone like Andrew in our organisation.

"We’ll see how this is going to develop. But we felt to expand the business into other areas, racing or non-racing projects, we were fortunate to have someone like him.”

Krack confirmed that Green's move had only just happened, meaning that he had been contributing to the development of the new AMR23 before the switch. “Andrew was quite involved. The move from Andrew is just happening recently."

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“We’ve evolved the technical structure,” said Fallows of the new organisational set-up at Aston. “Honestly, it’s still evolving.

"We’ve had quite a few senior people who have arrived over the year You’ll be aware that [deputy technical director] Eric Blandin has joined us, [engineering director] Luca Furbatto as well.

"There’s some other people in key positions who have come,": he added. "As we’ve gone into AMR23 and gone into this year in particular, we’ve also grown as a group. We’re now looking to expand our capabilities into other areas.

“That’s where AMPT comes in, he continued. "Andrew Green is a key technical leader for this organisation and will continue to be so.

"He’s had a big input in how we structure the technical leadership of this company," Fallows added. “He’s carrying on having a significant input into the way we work, although his focus will be on the AMPT side of the business.

“He’s focused on the non-F1 side of our business. We’re obviously growing that organically, but we’re putting a lot of effort into growing that side of the business.


Fallows added that Green will also work across the Aston Martin Lagonda side of things. "He’s really exploring all of the opportunities to use our expertise from the F1 business, but also in the broader group.”

The reshuffle will likely have budget cap consequences for Aston Martin.

The top three highest-paid employees of a team (not counting drivers) are not included in the calculations. Assuming Green was one such, then his move out of the F1 operation will allow another of the top management tier to be exempted.

But the team will have to show the FIA that Green is no longer contributing to the F1 project, otherwise his salary could end up being included in the squad's overall declared budget.

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