Renault's Abiteboul wants fuel limit thrown out


Renault F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul would like to see Formula 1's current fuel limit rules tossed out as it makes the sport, in his view, more akin to endurance racing rather than flat-out racing.

Fuel capacity during a race is currently limited to 100 kg, but V6 hybrid power units are also imposed a fuel-flow rate of 100 kg per hour.

While Renault has advocated in the recent past complete freedom in the fuel consumption arena, Mercedes has understandably voiced an opposite view.

"I am a big fan of making sure F1 remains F1," Abiteboul told Autosport.

"We should not lean towards endurance. One of the things that has put F1 in danger, or could be another threat to F1, is if we try to combine F1 and endurance.

"Endurance is about efficiency, sustainability, the capacity to run very long distances without any issues. F1 is about short races, usually being able to attack constantly.

"Frankly, even in the V8 era there was some fuel management. It was part of the tactics, to maximise, to optimise your lap time for the duration of the race from a team strategy perspective.

"It has always been part of F1, without any form of limitation on fuel quantity, so I would remove completely the [100kg] fuel quantity."

Abiteboul also underlined his discontent with the fact that the huge efficiency gains of today's generation of power units have gone almost unnoticed while people focus on the negative fuel-saving aspect of modern Grand Prix racing.

"[Removing the limit] would take all the negativity away from the message regarding this new technology, which is fantastic.

"We've done an amazing job. With the engine we use, all the manufacturers -- Mercedes in particular -- should be given credit for the technology they have been able to introduce, reducing fuel consumption by 30-40 per cent.

"It is just amazing, but this fantastic message is being destroyed by the fact with this fuel limit we are making people believe it is only about managing fuel."

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