Wolff brands F1 qualifying farce as ‘madness’

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Mercedes motorsport Toto Wolff has described the on-going tumult around F1 qualifying as “madness”, with series chiefs scheduled to meet on Thursday to decide on the format for the rest of the season.

After the much-maligned elimination-style system disappointed again at the Bahrain Grand Prix, F1’s key stakeholders convened a meeting ahead of the race to address the issue.

Despite all teams agreeing upon reverting to the 2015 format, no decision was reached following the 90-minute gathering. It soon emerged that the FIA and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone were the ones rejecting the idea of a return to the old system. Instead, they have put forward a new proposal that features aggregate lap times.

When asked about the situation, Wolff, who had previously labeled he knockout qualifying as “rubbish” and said anyone blocking a change should be publicly crucified in the paddock, replied: “Simple explanation? Madness…

“I'm the wrong one to be answering your question. I think we have expressed our opinion and I think all teams have the opinion that we need to be coming back to 2015 but there are various agendas and the meeting [on Sunday] morning showed that it is not an easy one so I can't really help you. Last time I told you, I was totally wrong…”

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