Haas achievement is 'tremendous' - Fernley

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Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley says what Haas has achieved so far in F1 is "tremendous" and does not want the new team to be criticised for its approach.

Haas' close technical partnership with Ferrari led to Mercedes requesting clarity from the FIA in Abu Dhabi last year to clarify what is and isn't allowed under the regulations. Haas and Ferrari were both cleared of any wrongdoing but loopholes which could have been exploited by other teams were closed off.

While Fernley has seen Haas hit the ground running this season and beat Force India in each of the opening two races, he is full of praise for the performance of the new team.

“I think it’s tremendous," Fernley told F1i. "They are a new team coming in, an extremely professional team, well-funded team. They tick all the boxes. Do I necessarily agree with the customer car side of it? No, but time will tell on that.

"There’s a long way to go yet and let’s look at where we are at the end of this season and again next season. But credit to them and well done, they’ve done a super job.”

And while Fernley doesn't believe other teams will be able to exactly follow the same model in future, he says Haas should not be criticised for making the most of its opportunities.

“I don’t think it can come back now. Those avenues have been closed off. Give them credit, let them get on with it, they’ve done a super job. They deserve all the credit that they’ve got.

"It’s not easy to come in here even with all the help they’ve had and deliver the results they've done. A very professional outfit. They’ll have their own challenges later!”

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