Ferrari mounts new front wing for Russia

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In its bid to bridge the gap with Mercedes and break the German manufacturers' winning streak, Ferrari will introduce a new front wing this weekend in Sochi for its SF16-H

Both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will enjoy the aerodynamic upgrade, but both drivers will also have an upgrade package implemented in Russia.

Ferrari have spent three development tokens to improve combustion of its engines and, the modification destined to raise the compression ratio inside the engine's cylinders which in turn should increase exhaust gas flow and, ultimately, enhance turbo performance and horse-power.

The engine changes will put Raikkonen on his second power unit this season while Vettel  will be on his third.

Ferrari is hoping that the overall upgrade package will help it extract more potential from its SF16-H contender, and take the challenge to Mercedes.

While both the Scuderia drivers have displayed speed comparable to Mercedes' stalwarts in qualifying, engine failures for Raikkonen and Vettel, in Australia and Bahrain, have deprived the team of precious points.

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