Hamilton defends team and crew from fan flack


Lewis Hamilton exonerated Mercedes and his crew of mechanics in particular from silly conspiracy claims promoted by part of his fan base.

Hamilton's current winless streak and recent run of bad luck has prompted some die-hard followers to criticize and attack Mercedes on social media, suggesting the German outfit is favouring Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolf made his views on the subject known in no uncertain terms on Sunday, considering the charges emanated from "lunatics".

The reigning world champion also stepped up to defend his employer and the men who relentlessly work towards his success.

"I'm really proud of my guys," Hamilton said.

"Particularly on my side of the garage they're definitely having a hard time at the moment. Since I joined I've had a group of guys, then for no particular reason it was swapped.

"Those guys have come over and we've had some bad experiences, and for sure I can only imagine they are feeling the pressure, and it's nothing to do with them, they're doing a fantastic job.

"And there's no reason why we can't win, we're just having these bugs that are coming along. Currently I'm not told whether it's human error or mechanical error exactly, but I think that's what they're trying to rectify."

The Brit explained the lashing from some of his fans towards Mercedes as a mere reaction - albeit an irrational one - of empathy.

"Firstly, the people that might be saying that are feeling whatever pain that I am feeling.

"That's the thing, we win and we lose together. They're feeling the hurt and emotions that you go through because we're connected in that way, that's a beautiful thing.

"Naturally in any sport or any situation, the easiest thing is to jump to the negative. I just want to assure them as I said before my guys are doing a fantastic job, and it's not their fault."

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