Three-stop strategy didn't make sense - Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo took only little comfort in his team mate's win in today's Spanish GP, feeling disappointed by the fact that his race was determined by the least productive strategy call of two available options.

Ricciardo and Red Bull opted for a three-stop strategy which even Pirelli acknowledged as the fastest plan in the 66 lap race, and while he did indeed to appear in the running for a win, the plan of action felt short of the Australian's expectation.

Adding insult to injury, the Red Bull driver suffered a puncture on the penultimate lap  as he was locked in a superb battle for a podium finish with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

"Obviously in hindsight it [the strategy] was the wrong thing to do," explained a frustrated Ricciardo.

"When you are leading the race, to then say alright let’s still try and win but pass three cars, when you don’t have the quickest car down the straight, and it is not the easiest place to overtake. I am not really sure why that was the case today.

"So mixed emotions to be not even anywhere on the podium, it sort of sucks, and then the puncture at the end just put salt into the wounds. So, yeah, so it is quite frustrating."

Despite his clear disappointment, and in light of his team mate's victory, Ricciardo was quick to praise Max Verstappen for his maiden Grand Prix triumph.

"I mean, sure, it is every man for himself out there, and I am bitter right now. Not bitter obviously with Max, not at all, he did what he had to do. But I am just bitter at the situation.

"Max did the job today and got the win. Obviously a big accomplishment for him in his first race with the team.

"Once again, when he came into F1, everyone questioned it. And then the moves [to Red Bull] during the week, they questioned it, but he proved today that he is a top class driver."

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