'Max is a new challenge and a big one," says Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo admitted that last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix had been a big letdown overall, his Red Bull team having ultimately chosen the wrong tyre strategy for the Australian's mount while making the right call for victorious team mate Max Verstappen.

The shock move to switch the young Dutchman with Daniel Kvyat wasn't anticipated to be as successful  so soon, and Verstappen's performance now puts the onus on Ricciardo to outrace the sensational  teenager.

But rather than feeling inhibited by the man now located on the other side of the Red Bull garage, the Australian welcomes the challenge, considering it will provide him with an extra dose of determination.

"Max is a serious F1 driver, and that’s actually really good for me. It’s definitely good motivation," Ricciardo said.

"I said when I joined Red Bull - and I had Seb [Vettel as teammate] - I wanted to go up against the best and challenge myself. Now Max is the newest challenge for me, and he is a big one.

"It’s good he is having this success because if I can get on top of that then it’s only going to be good for me, probably for both of our careers."

Ricciardo is resolutely upbeat about the next few races, as he appreciates the various venues and layouts, and also hopes they can do justice to the Red Bull's new found qualities and performance.

"To be honest, the next three I'm very excited for. I love street circuits, I've always loved Monaco, and Montreal, even before my win I really enjoyed that track, and Baku is the new one.

"Street circuits are unique, they change a bit every year because a lot of cars and traffic have been on the track. So whether there's oil or more bumps, the track does change so that's really cool as you've got to adapt each time.

"It takes some time to build up, with the walls all around you, you build and build and gain confidence over the weekend. And that feeling is really cool. Not all circuits give you that but the next  three look really fun."

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