Williams tops fastest F1 pit-stop in history

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Felipe Massa's pit stop on lap 7 of last weekend's European Grand Prix was accomplished in an astonishing 1.92 seconds.

The time officially equaled the all-time record held by Red Bull since 2013 but further data analysis by Williams has revealed that Massa's stop was  actually 1.89 seconds, thus shaving a few hundreds of a second off of Red Bull's previous record.

"Last year we were not one of the quickest teams to change tyres, due to a problem in the phase of the stop involving unscrewing the wheel nut that had overheated out on track," massa told Motorsport.com

"Over the winter months, the team invested heavily in both equipment and in preparation of the staff who conduct the pitstops.

"The result has been some really exceptional performances – but we think there is time to be found. The team is still working to improve!"

International shipping and courier company and Formula 1 sponsor DHL hands out an award for the fastest pit stop at each race, and Williams as now become the outfit to beat.

Massa's record-breaking pit stop in Baku can be seen here:

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