Prost critical of 'disastrous' Baku TV coverage

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Four-time world champion Alain Prost has blasted television coverage of last weekend's European Grand Prix, labeling the event a "disaster' for viewers.

While the race itself failed to provide much excitement or noteworthy events, something which certainly contributed to Prost's negative view, the scenic Baku street circuit received mostly positive feedback from drivers and teams.

Prost however had better expectations when it came to TV coverage.

"I did not watch Friday and Saturday so I just followed social media and everyone was saying fantastic things about the track so I was quite happy to go and put on my TV," the Frenchman explained.

"That was a disaster for me, I did not see the track everyone was talking about it. The positions of the camera were not very good. It was not really a good show.

"There was only one corner, with the left/right, where the cars were OK, where you get the impression of the speed.

"You're watching the onboard camera and under braking, you cannot see the speed, you cannot hear the noise, you cannot see the difficulty.

"If I'm seeing what F1 is for the first time, I just think I'm doing the same behind the wheel of my [road] car. I want it to show something very difficult. I was really bored."

As a solution to eventually boost spectator viewing and audiences, Alain Prost believes F1 should consider shorter tracks and more on-site entertainment.

"I would like to see maybe smaller tracks, more done for the shows and for the ambience. It should be much less expensive - that means people can come with the children.

"I would go even further, to try to find a way to not make accessibility to the top racing series only for rich people."

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