'Hard to make an impression with Renault,' says Palmer

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Jolyon Palmer admitted his task of proving his worth in his maiden F1 season has been complicated by Renault's own underperformance in 2016.

A reserve driver for Lotus before the Enstone outfit was taken over by Renault, Palmer landed the works drive but has yet to score a single point this season, achieving his best result in the opening round in Australia when he finished 11th.

Team mate Kevin Magnussen hasn't fared much better in reality, scoring only on one instance when he finished 7th in Russia.

"It is harder in a car that normally can't make it out of Q1," Palmer told Motorsport.com. "And certainly is very, very [difficult] fighting for points.

"It's a shame because I feel sometimes I do a really, really good race and no one knows, because your race is outside of top 10. It can be even down to 15th if there is a lot of people in the race so…

"It's understandable, but it's just harder to make an impression. If we were in the top 10 doing this then I think a lot of times people would say 'Wow that's a great move' or 'What a great race'. But it's just how it goes."

The Brit has pretty much given up on showcasing his talent to other teams but remains committed to giving Renault his best effort until the end of the season despite the team's struggles with its RS 16 chassis.

"I think it's easier to impress the team you're driving for, because they are analysing all of your data, they are looking your race through the microscope, so if you're doing something well, they will see it," he said.

"The other teams won't see that so much, they will see a result. I've got a team mate, who is well rated. If I can do well against him then I think more what other teams will see really."

With regard to Palmer's future with the French manufacturer, the jury is still out, while Magnussen's seat does not appear secure either.

"There's been no decision yet. I'm in contention for the seat. So if I go out and do a good job this weekend and next weekend for as long there is no decision made then if I can prove why I should be in I'm sure I'll be in."

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