Grosjean confident Liberty deal will enhance the viewer experience

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Romain Grosjean is delighted with Formula 1's takeover by Liberty Media, believing the American company's expertise in media and entertainment should greatly enhance the overall TV experience for viewers worldwide.

Grosjean, who admits to being somewhat of a tech geek, will be taking a keen interest in what Liberty brings to the show, and even providing a few ideas of his own.

"I think it is pretty cool," said the Haas driver.

"Americans know how to produce a good show if you look at the Superbowl or NASCAR, I think for the audience it is something we can improve.

A second GP in the US, maybe on the West Coast would be good. It is so hard to follow what is going on in F1 because most of the races are 3am or 4am so it is difficult to follow the race live.

"If Haas becomes more successful, then people will start to follow more and it could be a great thing… I think it is great for F1, it is such a big market, so having them in F1 is a great thing."

Given the current technology and interactive trend, the Frenchman sees various ways for the average audience to get a more in-depth view if everything that goes on in an F1 car.

"You drive a car… it is G’s, it is temperature and so on, but it is hard to translate it on TV. With new technologies to show that the drivers are having a tough time in the car, people will try to follow more.

"Why not show our heart rate?  It could be fun. They do it in Tour de France with some of the riders. Or how many kilos you need to put on the brake pedal to stop the cars.

"With all the technology, the platform they have… you could get fan engagement through every social media platform we have today."

As for the drivers, Grosjean wouldn't mind if tomorrow's cars would be physically more difficult to drive.

"I would like it to be ‘more in the car’ somehow. A faster car, yes, I would like to be more exhausted at the end of a GP, though having said that Sunday will be tough.

"I want people to realise that if we do 300km of cycling or 1000km of running per year it is not for the sake of fun, but because it is a real sport!"

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