Vettel points to first corner 'racing incident'

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Sebastian Vettel's Malaysia GP ended at the first corner after the German hit and spun around championship leader Nico Rosberg, permanently damaging his own car in the process.

The Ferrari driver was on the inside of Turn 1 with Max Verstappen on his right, and felt he had been a tad squeezed by the Red Bull driver while the latter labeled Vettel's move as 'crazy'.

"I was going side by side, he [Verstappen] was squeezing me down the inside, he's racing and both of us would have made the corner, no problem," Vettel explained.

"Obviously Nico [Rosberg] decided to do a different line, but he's ahead, and doesn't have to bother with what people are doing behind.

"There are two things that are wrong, Nico without any blame gets turned around, and I'm standing here and the race is still going on."

In retrospect, Vettel appeared to believe that the whole affair had pretty much been a racing incident, although he did allow himself a small dab at Verstappen.

"Racing him is moving around, so everybody knows that by now. When you're squeezed to the inside, your angle doesn't get any better for Turn 1.

"I was trying to do everything I could to get the corner, which I did, without braking massively too late. But Nico tried to cut back I guess to fight Lewis, but at that point we made contact."

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