FIA's Todt: expansion while preserving F1's heritage

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FIA President Jean Todt praised his countrymen for bringing the French Grand Prix back on the Formula 1 calendar from 2018.

During Monday's announcement in Paris, Todt, who is currently traveling  in the US, sent a personal video message to the assembly in which he expressed his joy and pride to see Grand Prix racing heading back to its roots.

"To see France host once again, in 2018, a Formula 1 Grand Prix is a great satisfaction for the FIA," said Todt.

"Like all important international organizations, the FIA must encourage the expansion of its sport into new territories.

"But equally, it must never cut itself off from its roots and turn its back on its origins. There are some races that are part of its heritage; the French Grand Prix is one of them."

The FIA President  commended the concerted effort undertaken by France's Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regional council along with its partners , and while he insisted on the governing body's neutral stance on the matter, Todt admitted that he would be more than happy to award a date to the race on the F1 calendar.

"The Formula 1 World Championship is a prestigious competition which associates extreme performance with popular passion.

"It offers global visibility to its participants and is sought after by many great countries and emerging nations for the unique worldwide exposure it provides to a city or a region.

Finally, in his closing remarks, Todt spoke of the race's venue, the Paul Ricard Circuit, underscoring how the track's advanced facilities perfectly complement Formula 1.

"Le Castellet has been modernised and has all the required qualities to organise this event," concluded the FIA President..

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