Kvyat suggests driver vote on 'Halo'

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Toro Rosso's Daniil Kvyat believes that a drivers vote on the 'halo' device should be organized in order to clearly gauge the feelings of the F1 grid.

The device, tested multiple times this season and which has received mixed reviews by drivers, is tentatively set for a 2018 introduction by the FIA to allow for further tests.

"We are discussing it [the halo]," said Kvyat.

"Maybe some are neutral, some are pro and some are against. There are 22 drivers, 22 different personalities, and it's a discussion, but I think they should let us vote or something, to see the opinion [of the drivers], without digging too deep."

Kvyat  also emphasized the inconsistency which has surrounded most drivers' opinion on the safety device.

"It's not very consistent. Sometimes it seems like most of the drivers are for it, and sometimes some are more neutral, but I haven't been following the trend too much, it's not my favourite topic.

"I think the final decision is with the FIA, but if they want to know drivers' opinions, they shouldn't just be asking for words, they should get the vote, two options – yes or no."

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