2017 F1 cars are 'a massive change' - Key

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Toro Rosso technical director James Key believes the 2017 F1 regulations represent the biggest change for the sport in two decades.

New aerodynamic regulations and wider tyres will be introduced next season in an attempt to make the cars faster and more physical to drive. With the gain in performance set to be delivered courtesy of a number of changes to the car's bodywork, Key has described the overhaul in rules as the biggest of his F1 career to date.

"Yes, it's a massive change," Key told the Toro Rosso website. "Honestly, from a bodywork and suspension and tyre point of view, this is the biggest one that I've personally experienced in almost 19 years in F1.

"From a chassis point of view, it's the biggest change of the past two decades, even bigger than 2009 and certainly bigger than 2014. These are exciting times!

"Basically, there are two processes going on. Firstly, you've got the enormous amount of research you have to do to try and understand what makes a car with these new regulations tick, without any experience of them in reality, because for a long time, we can only operate in the virtual world. That process comes to an end in January.

"Secondly you hit the track for winter testing, after which you go and do a season with all this work that for a long time existed in your virtual world. We tentatively started the 2017 project in September 2015, so it's been 14 months so far. Back then, the chassis regulations hadn't been finalised but we thought that with any change of this nature, the sooner you start, the better."

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