Schumacher's legacy lives on in F1, says Ross Brawn

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Three years to the day since Michael Schumacher's dramatic skiing accident, the seven-time world champion's health still remains in limbo, but his extraordinary contribution to the history of F1 permeates through the sport.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, former Ferrari and Mercedes tech boss and strategist Ross Brawn said both teams owe a lot to the great German's endeavors.

"Michael, for sure, contributed to the organization and structure that has gone on to achieve success at Mercedes," Brawn said.

"He helped create the success we had at Ferrari and he continued that approach at Mercedes."

Brawn underlined Schumacher's ability to motivate those around him in achieving outright success.

"When you saw a driver as committed as Michael was, and so single minded about success, it dragged you along as well.

"You knew you couldn’t let the side down, and everyone was the same. You knew when you had a driver so focused on achieving success, that motivated other people.

"Michael just being around was a huge motivator for people and to try to emulate that yourself and create the right atmosphere and create the right positive feeling within the team was an important lesson I learned from watching Michael."

Brawn believes Mercedes' current success is partly an extension of the legendary driver's outstanding legacy.

"With his knowledge and maturity, sitting with a group of aerodynamicists or vehicle dynamists or tyre people and explaining what was needed was invaluable.

"He was instrumental in creating the systems that contribute to the success that Mercedes has today."

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