Hulkenberg is hoping for 'less tyre management' with new regs


Nico Hulkenberg wish for 2017 is that drivers will be more in control of things behind the wheel this season, and less limited by constraints linked with tyre wear and management.

In the past seasons, Pirelli was asked to design a compound with a relatively high level of degradation in order to introduce a level of management.

But the Italian manufacturer has reversed course for 2017, and is now assigned with the task of  producing a tyre with low degradation in order to favour outright speed rather than management.

"I don't know at the moment how those cars and tyres will behave," Hulkenberg told Autosport.

"It is a bit early for that, as I haven't felt and run those tyres. We will only know better once we start testing and have done a few races.

"I hope that they allow a bit more free pushing and not as much management. But I am not sure that will be the case."

Renault's new recruit was asked whether he felt  frustrated at times with the necessity to look after his rubber.

"Certain moments, yes. On the other hand, it is a different challenge to do a good job there and to overcome that.

"Sometimes you feel like you are limited, as naturally your mindset is you want to push all the time. It is not always possible and you need to decide when you pick your battles and decide, okay, now I push, and now I save."

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