Grand Marshal Mark Webber greets a special guest

There was a lot of 'grit' yesterday on the Le Mans grid before the start of the great endurance classic.

The race's Grand Marshal, Mr Aussie Grit himself Mark Webber spared a moment to chat with the brave and valorous Billy Monger, who lost his legs in a horrendous F4 crash just a few months ago.

The 18-year-old has harnessed his courage and pushed adversity aside as he now sets his sights on racing once again.

Where? At Le Mans, with quadruple amputee and Le Mans racer Frederic Sausset. The Frenchman is setting up an ambitious project to put three disabled drivers on the grid in 2020!

"It was unbelievable that Fred reached out to me after my accident and asked me to be involved in his plan to get disabled people involved in motorsport at the top level," Monger told Autosport.

"I definitely want to be out racing again. My priority is to get track time in a car and continue my physical work to return to full fitness."

That's the spirit Billy!