Leclerc awarded not-so-coveted 'Golden Tapir' for Turkey blunder

Charles Leclerc has already collected countless trophies and awards in his young career, but this is one memento the Ferrari driver might well consign to oblivion.

Leclerc robbed himself of a potential spot on the podium at Istanbul Park when the Monegasque outbraked himself three corners from the checkered flag while dueling with Racing Point's Sergio Perez.

In the heat of the clumsy moment the Ferrari was overhauled by the Mexican and teammate Sebastian Vettel to finish a disappointing P4.

Leclerc owned up to the blunder, and so did Italian satirical television program 'Striscia la Notizie' which awards its 'Tapiro d'Oro' to anyone who suffers the public humiliation of a mistake, be they a celebrity, politician or an F1 driver.

Charles put on a brave face however when he was handed the not-so-coveted prize at Maranello. In case you're wondering, a tapir is a large Asian and South American herbivorous mammal that is a close cousin to a pig.

It's worth noting that Ferrari - never a team to refuse a good embarrassment - has twice been the recipient of the infamous Tapiro d'Oro in the recent past, in 2017 and 2018.