Zak Brown adds Miami GP celebratory skin art

After getting inked on his left shoulder in 2021 with a Monza tattoo following Daniel Ricciardo's win that year in the Italian Grand Prix, Zak Brown now sports on his right shoulder a Miami track design commemorating Lando Norris' maiden F1 victory at the venue last month.

“Yep, I did it again! Another tattoo, this time for our win in Miami, and Lando’s first in F1. I have to say, it was just as painful as the first time,” the McLaren boss wrote on social media.

“Thankfully, Lando was there to give me all the encouragement I needed… not!”

Norris, ever the jokester, seems to be questioning his boss's commitment to real estate tattoos, or maybe the Briton is just wondering what landmark Zak will ink next for a McLaren win.

Keep on winning team papaya and give Zak a full body map!