Team Talk - Saturday in Monaco


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Monaco Grand Prix - Saturday - Monte Carlo, Monaco


Kimi Raikkonen:ย I donโ€™t think that the accident of this morning affected my qualifying. My car has been working pretty well so far, apart from the fact that it was hard to get the tires working . You need few good laps to make a time and today in my last run I was too slow behind a Toro Rosso and decided to come in.

Today we had the speed but not the chance of doing a clean lap. It was not a very good day and obviously tomorrow we are going to pay a big price. Tomorrow weโ€™ll see what we can do, weโ€™ll try to make a good start and go from there, even if it wonโ€™t be easy.

Here there is a big chance to remain stuck behind other cars for the whole race and overtaking is really difficult: thatโ€™s why the result of today is very disappointing.

Sebastian Vettel:ย I am happy with third place. Today it looked like everybody was struggling to get the tyres to working temperatures โ€“ which is funny, because they call them Supersofts โ€“ and the Mercedes cars were the ones which probably suffered the least from this problem, so this is why the gap looks bigger.

The rain on Thursday didnโ€™t affect us so much, as it was the same for everybody, todayโ€™s low temperature probably did not help, but we are not looking for excuses. Tomorrow I will be starting from third on the grid, on the inside line.

Everything can happen and I hope to have a good pull-off; it could be possible to jump one of the cars ahead, two is more difficult, but then Lewis, too, should have a good start, otherwise he may be blocking the way. The gap to our contenders is still there, but we have more to win than we have to lose.