Technical analysis - Bahrain



By moving around the MGU-K and MGU-H on its 2016-spec power unit, Ferrari was able to refine and substantially raise the gearbox case. The slimmer installation, which declutters the rear of the SF16-H, is coupled with a streamlining of the upper part of the case.

At the junction between the engine and the case, the latter has ditched the curved shape that used to make it so distinctive. On the 2015 design, the end of the case was rounded and featured a tilted opening through which the exhaust pipe went. By comparison, the 2016 case is totally flat in that area, aperture included (compare the yellow outlines).

Powered by the late 2015-spec Ferrari unit, the Toro Rosso STR11’s carbon gearbox case has been adapted accordingly (one can spot the shock absorber inside the case). The area where the opening features has been raised, as per on the SF15-T’s transmission last year.