Team Talk - Sunday in Spain



Rio Haryanto
"After the disappointment of Russia, it was good to see the chequered flag today. We decided to go long on the Medium for the first stint but there was too much traffic at that stage of the race so our strategy didnโ€™t work out so well for us. For my third stint I was quite quick on the Soft tyres, so we need to understand why the Mediums worked less well for us. Itโ€™s been a mixed weekend but Iโ€™m looking forward to Monaco where I think things will go better for us."

Pascal Wehrlein
"We got both cars to the finish, which was good, but otherwise there isnโ€™t much more to say today; our race was pretty much as we expected. The upgrades are positive but they didnโ€™t influence the overall result at this track with the way the race panned out. We also suffered from quite high tyre degradation again, so there is still some way to go to keep improving the car. I think the next couple of races will be a little better for us and of course Monaco is a track Iโ€™ve been most looking forward to. My first race there will be something very special so weโ€™ll keep working hard and looking forward."

Dave Ryan, Racing Director
"Itโ€™s good to get two cars to the finish here but it was a long and lonely race for Pascal and Rio. We ran different tyre strategies between the two drivers โ€“ Pascal ran Soft, Medium, Medium, while Rio finished up on the Soft โ€“ just to create different options if the race presented some opportunities. Unfortunately, there was a certain amount of inevitability about what we could achieve here. On paper, the next couple of tracks should be slightly more favourable for us, plus we have the test this week to delve a little deeper into how we can extract more performance from our new developments."