Under the skin of the Red Bull RB12



The gearbox casing, which is cut out to let the turbocharger and exhaust pipes through, houses the transmission, as well as a series of other components (oil pump, etc.).

The casing also has mounting points for the wishbones, rear crash structure and rear damper units. The latter are usually mounted outside and to the base of the casing, but they can be installed inside. One can also notice the six studs mandated by the technical regulations for connection to the transmission.

Also affixed to the casing is the component stepping over the exhaust and wastegate pipes and on top of which is bolted the rear wing central pillar. One can see that this part of the transmission, sitting very close to the exhaust pipe is covered with a golden sheet of insulating material.

Also worth noticing are the driveshaft casing, the fluted tip of the differential, the starter motor hole, as well as the slender outline of the transmission package, which helps for improved aerodynamics.